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In this article, I will share with you how to open/read/ write BitLocker encrypted drive on macOS. It is easy to encrypt a hard drive or USB flash drive with BitLocker protection in Windows computer, which will allow only the authorized users to access the sensitive data. But what to do when you have to access the encrypted data on a Mac? As is known to all, BitLocker is not supported on Mac so that there is no direct way to open BitLocker drive on Mac. Luckily, there is a workaround for it, which makes it easy to use BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac.

You can use the third-party tool to gain access to the BitLocker encrypted drive. One such utility is macOS BitLocker Reader from Cocosenor. This software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher versions. And helps users to unlock a wide range of storage devices like external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card and etc. on Mac with the encryption password or recovery key file. What’s more, it supports the most popular file systems: FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

Thumbscrew Software Usb Write Blocker For Mac

Unique Features of macOS BitLocker Reader

Cocosenor macOS BitLocker Reader offers the simplest way to unlock BitLocker drive on both Mac OS and Mac OSX. It is safe for the user to make good use of the BitLocker drive and transfer the data between the drive and Mac.

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Open/Read/Write BitLocker Drive on Mac

With this BitLocker reader, you can open the BitLocker encryption drive on the Mac computer just as the same as on Windows. After the decryption, you can read, write, copy, and delete the content as freely as on Windows.

Two Ways to Unlock the BitLocker Drive

macOS BitLocker Genius is user-friendly so that it provides two ways to unlock the BitLocker drive. You can directly enter the password to decrypt the drive. If you forgot the password, you can utilize the recovery key file to mount the drive. You can choose either one to unlock the drive.

No Damage to the Encrypted Data

macOS BitLocker Reader only serves as the agent to connect the encryption drive with Mac. It will not cause any data loss to both the drive and the Mac. Also, if you cannot offer the password or recovery key, this software cannot help you to open the BitLocker drive.

Steps to Open BitLocker Drive on Mac

#Step 1: As the first step, free download the software and install macOS BitLocker Reader on your Mac.

#Step 2: Run the software and connect the BitLocker drive to your Mac and ignore the alert.

Step 3: Choose your drive and click the Unlock button.

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Step 4: When prompted for the unlock window, you can enter the password or import the recovery key file. After that, click the Mount button.

Step 5: Once the drive has been decrypted, you can open the drive and access the files and folders to do what you want to do.

Please note that when you finish the content management on the drive, you should close the files and folders and then click the Eject button on the top pane of the software. It will help to protect your drive data securely.

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Final Words

Thumbscrew Software Usb Write Blocker For Mac Free

Cocosenor macOS BitLocker Reader is worthwhile to purchase because of its ease of use and stable performance on Mac. Other than that, it offers a convenient way for users to reach the BitLocker drive data on macOS and Mac OSX. For the cross-platform users, it will save their time in file transformation.

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