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Krishna makes His appearance on this earth,shows the world His leelas or pastimes and returns to Vaikuntha. How marvelous is this act of His. Pothana's Telugu Bhagavatam described Sri Krishna jananam in a very interesting way with love and devotion. Listening to this part of Bhagavatam bestows peace and bliss. Serials; Sri Bhagavatam ( భాగవతం ) Sri Bhagavatam - 12th April 2013 - Episode No 1. Sri Bhagavatam - 24th April 2013 - Episode No 11.

Sri Bhagavatam Serial
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About the show:

Sri Bhagvatam is another religious serial like Shiva Leelalu. Sri Bhagvatam shows the mythological stories of Bhagwan Vishnum with all form of Avtar of Bhagwan Vishnu helps his disciple and in various cases like Being Ramachandra he finished the Rakshasa and in the form of Lord Krishna she was the sarathi of the chariot of Arjuna. During the war of Kurukshetra he says 'The Bhagwat Geeta'. Some other story like Samudramanthana and Kalia daman as Lord Krishna are also there. With these kind of story mythological stories Sri Bhavatam teaches the ultimate way to reach the God rather to reach the best way of living life.


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