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Discipline and Nbr:CEST 86Title:ADV CIVIL ENGR CAD
Full Title:Advanced Civil Engineering Computer-Aided Design
Last Reviewed:1/4/2005
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Halo combat evolved anniversary pc download free. Softdesk AEC, Softdesk Building Systems, Softdesk Civil/Survey, GE XA21 DBF; YFCAD InteriCAD 6000 7000 T5, CADCode/ACAM, Accubid CADLive, Keytrix, AutoTURN. The Longbow Converter software works with 'C & G' Surveying software for AutoCAD. The Longbow Converter software works with APS for Architecture too. Today began shipping the Softdesk 8 Civil/Survey software suite for AutoCAD Release 14 and AutoCAD Map 2.0 in the US and Canada. The new Softdesk 8 Civil/Survey modules are built on Autodesk's new ObjectARX development technology, and incorporate new productivity-enhancing object-oriented features.

UnitsCourse Hours per WeekNbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum3.00Lecture Scheduled2.0017.5 max.Lecture Scheduled35.00
Minimum3.00Lab Scheduled3.0017.5 min.Lab Scheduled52.50
Contact DHR0Contact DHR0
Contact Total5.00Contact Total87.50
Non-contact DHR0Non-contact DHR Total0
Total Out of Class Hours:70.00Total Student Learning Hours:157.50
Title 5 Category:AA Degree Applicable
Grading:Grade Only
Repeatability:33 - 3 Enrollments Total
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Softdesk Civil Survey Software Online

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Softdesk Civil Survey Software Cost

Advanced computer-aided design for civil engineering technicians. The Softdesk civil engineering software program will be utilized. Advanced civil engineering design topics will be covered in the course using the Advanced Design, Digital Terrain Modeling, Earthworks and Survey modules. Advanced design techniques in digital terrain modeling, surface editing, alignment editing, plan, profile, cross sections, earthwork computations and site planning and design.
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