Navi System update: The four-digit number 1710 or 1720 or 1730 placed at Menu - Settings - System Information stands for the last update that has been released. If the number in the same place (in front of the regional code, ECE in this case) in your Navi System is lower than 1710 your Navigation System. Seat MIB2 High Unit. SEAT MIB2 HIGH MULTIMEDIA DEVICE 5F0035043 - PLUG AND PLAY. No component protection. $1,100.00 Ex Tax: $1,100.00.

Always keen to offer its drivers the very latest technology, SEAT is now making DAB radio available to SEAT Leon, SEAT Altea and SEAT Altea XL buyers via a new, state-of-the-art, satnav system.

The cutting edge SEAT Media System 2.1 is being offered as an option on most versions of the popular family cars as the Spanish brand continues to capitalise on its position as an innovator in automotive technology and in-car entertainment.

Seat Media System Update

The addition of a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) receiver means SEAT buyers will be able to pick up a massive range of stations including a whole array of digital-only stations, such as BBC 7 and 6 Music, which were previously unavailable to them.

The new Media System doesn't stop there, though. Also included is a host of exciting new features designed to make the driver's entertainment and communication options both broader, and more flexible.

Among the new features is Bluetooth audio streaming which allows wireless streaming of music direct from a smart-phone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player. And, now, the Media System's touch screen can be used to control a compatible, Bluetooth-linked mobile phone - offering the driver both a large numeric keypad as well as access to call lists, phone books and so on.

  1. Here is an overview of possible solutions for update problems: 1. Check that your sat nav is fully charged. Reboot the navigation software: press the on/off button on the top of the device for at least ten seconds until the device switches off. Press the on/off button again briefly to switch the device on again.
  2. The Latest 2020-2021 Sat Nav SD Update for Seat Media System 2.1, 2.2 (RNS315) SD Card Navigation Update v12. Only For Seat Media System 2.1, 2.2 Navigation. Not Compatible For Seat Media System 2.0 (RNS310) Sat Nav. Please check compatibility your sat nav (navigation) before ordering. How to define which unit is fitted in the car.
  3. Seat Altea 2009-2015 Navigation Update Media System 2.0. $ 252.49 $ 163.68. TomTom 2020 V12 Bosch Blaupunkt FX Western Europe SD card 8GB. Maps by TomTom 2020 V12 Western-Europe SD Card for Blaupunkt FX, VW RNS310, Seat Media System 2.0 and Skoda RNS Amundsen, i1031245, EAN: 347 More Info.

What's more, the satnav system now comes with pre-installed maps of Western Europe - not just the UK and Ireland. Not only does this mean Continental trips become that much simpler but, also, because the data is stored on the system's hard drive it leaves the CD player available for more music, rather than a CD or DVD navigation disc.

As well as the UK and Ireland, countries covered by the pre-installed mapping include France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland.

Finally, map data is now accessed more quickly than previously because it is stored in the system itself, rather than on a disc.

Seat Media System Update Free

Costing £795.00 RRP, the Media System 2.1 also includes a Bluetooth Communications Pack, on-screen function of the SEAT's climate control and an upgraded dash display. Alternatively, the Media System is available as part of a Technology Pack - £1,375.00 RRP - that also adds Bi-xenon headlights and front parking sensors to the relevant SEAT Leon, SEAT Altea or SEAT Altea XL.

Welcoming the upgrade SEAT UK Product Manager James Buckell said: 'The recent passing of the Digital Economy Bill, which allows for the migration of analogue radio to digital services from 2015, means today's buyers should start to 'future-proof' their cars.

'The option of adding a state-of-the-art DAB system to new Leon, Altea and Altea XL models - plus all the other great new features and functionality which come with the SEAT Media System 2.1 - only serve to make the models that much more appealing.'

Seat Media System Update 2020

Here you can easily find and purchase the latest 2020-2021 Sat Nav Map Update CD, DVD or SD cards for your Seat Media System 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, Seat Media AS MIB2 High, Seat Media System RNS510, Seat Media System E (RNS-E) To help us identify the correct update for your system, please EMAIL us the part number from your old Sat Nav disc and/or photo of your navigation unit.
As time goes on, new roads are built, and new developments pop up, your sat nav will inevitably become out of date. Updating your sat nav will ensure all maps are current, shaving time off your journeys and ensuring you don't get lost!
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Seat Media System Upgrade


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Seat Media System 2.2 Map Update

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