1. Ps3 Custom Firmware

After announcement of fail0verflow by a hacker group at an international hacker conference, “GeoHot” the famous iPhone hacker released PlayStation 3 root key online.

Despite of Sony releasing a new firmware on the PS3 last night, it seems that gamers who owns a 3.55 CFW PS3 can still bypass the mandatory update and access the PlayStation Network without installing the new 3.56 patch.

The release of root key enables homebrew developers to create and sign their own apps, which means it provides hackers full access to PS3. The complete console is compromised, there is no way back and he only way to fix this is to issue new hardware.

Ps3 Custom Firmware

Now “GeoHot” released custom firmware which allows to run homebrew on 3.55, this custom firmware works with Gehot’s upcoming tools: make_self_npdrm and package_finalize.

  • Download Here: Game Backup Software: Tags-ps3 jailbreakjailbreak ps3ps3 jailbreak tutorialps3 jail.
  • On Saturday night, the well-known hacker Mathieu Hervais posted on his Twitter that he had found a way to exploit Sony PlayStation 3 firmware 3.56 although he refuses to release the details, as not to anger Sony.

According toGeoHot this custom firmware must be installed from 3.55 official firmware and to remind you this does not enable piracy or backups, it provides you to run our own homebrew. Many more updates to come from Gehot, so be patient .

Here is what Gehot say’s:

    it’s jailbreak time
    open the zip, you know how to install
    3.55 only
    would be pirates, don’t waste your time
    do not mirror file, link to geohot.com

    here is the package from the video
    no donations accepted right now, don’t get scammed

    old homebrew will not work
    new homebrew signing tools coming soon…

Download Gehot Custom Firmware:http://geohot.com/jailbreak.zip
Download 3.55 Homebrew PKG:http://www.geohot.com/test.pkg

Check out below Gehot video Jailbroken PS3 3.55 with Homebrew

Note: Although I have PS3 I didn’t install this custom firmware, waiting for the tools to be released from Gehot and another developer KaKaRoTo. So from my end I don’t know whether this firmware is working or not, so install it at your own risk.

P.S: Sony Confirmed PS3 Root Key Hack and said that they will fix the issues through network updates.

Update : Now several Homebrew apps are released and I give a shot with Gehot CFW which is working very well. Those who are looking to run PS3 games on gehot’s cfw, several signed packages for 3.55 CFW are already available on the web, just Google them and also use Gia Manager to run backups.

How to jailbreak PS3 with gehot 3.55 CFW?

Ps3 custom firmware
  1. First update PS3 to official firmware 3.55
  2. Now in your USB storage device, create Folder PS3′ and in that create another Folder ‘UPDATE
  3. Download gehot CFW and place the .PUP file in that ‘UPDATE’ folder on your USB drive
  4. Now plug the USB drive into your PS3, switch on PS3
  5. Now got to ‘Settings—> System Update–>Update via Storage Media’ and you will see the update version as Version 3.55-jb
  6. Now click ‘Ok’, accept the (funny)conditions and install the update.
  7. After installing the update, you will hear 4 beeps and your PS3 will be switched off
  8. Now turn on your PS3 and you will notice your PS3 is jailbroken, the indication is you will notice ‘install packages’ option under Games section


How to install custom packages or Homebrew apps on CFW ?

Ps3 Custom Firmware 3.56
  1. Download the CFW compatible package file (for example SNES9x PS3 emulator) and just copy it to USB storage device
  2. Plug the USB on your PS3,switch on PS3 under ‘Game’ section click on ‘install Package Files’ and select your package file
  3. That’s it!
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