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February 7, 2021: PPSSPP 1.11 is here!

It's been a long wait, but the reward is finally here.

PPSSPP 1.11 has a large number of fixes for both long-standing and newly discovered issues. As a result, chances are better than ever that any game you try will work great!

1.11.1/2 has some additional crash fixes. 1.11.3 fixes an on-screen keyboard rendering glitch.

Some of the improvements since 1.10:

  • Lots of minor bug fixes, crash fixes, and performance fixes and improvements.
  • New Browse.. button to allow opening SD cards on Android 11
  • Countless AdHoc networking fixes by ANR2ME, for example Dragon Ball Shin Budokai, PowerStone, Bleach Heat The Soul 7, Kingdom Hearts, GTA: VCS and many more.
  • Graphics issue with car reflections fixed in Outrun, Dirt 2 (#13636, #13640, #13760)
  • Cut-off cards in Yu Gi Oh fixed (#7124).
  • Numerous fixes to the builtin fonts by nassau-tk
  • Added exception handler so PPSSPP stays alive if a game crashes (#11795/#13092)
  • Desktop: Support for multiple instance multiplayer (#13172, ..)
  • Workaround for rendering bugs with flat shading in iOS 14
  • Multiple fixes to the IR interpreter (#13897, ..)
  • UI: New fullscreen button on desktop platforms, optional navigation sounds (#13239)
  • Audio and multiple hangs fixes in UWP version (#13792, ..)
  • Partial microphone support (#12336, ..)
  • Workaround for wacky action mirroring bug in Hitman Reborn Battle Arena 2 (#13706, #13526)
  • Hardware texture upscaling for Vulkan, mipmap generation (#13235, #13514)
  • Added MMPX Vulkan texture upscaling shader (#13986)
  • Depth texturing support in Vulkan and D3D11 (#13262, #13556, ..)
  • Performance fix for Test Drive Unlimited (#13355, ..)
  • Allow rewind on mobile (#13866)
  • Added option to disable on-screen messages (#13695)
  • Added 'Lower resolution for effects' on libretro (#13654)
  • Allow chaining multiple post-processing shaders (#12924)
  • Support for loading game-specific plugins (#13335)
  • Fixed Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Save issue on Android (#12761)
  • Hanayaka Nari Wa ga Ichizoku: mono voices fixed (#5213)
  • Additional fixed games:
    • Namco Museum - Battle Collection, Vol 2 (#9523, #13297, #13298)
    • Dream Club Portable (graphics bugs, GL and Vulkan) (#6025)
    • Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded (stuck in return game) (#4671)
    • Xyanide Resurrection (freezing) (#8526)
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Chinese (patched game, invalid address) (#13204)
    • Crazy Taxi (#13368)
    • Spiderman: Friend or Foe (#13969)
    • Downstream Panic (US) (New Game crash) (#13633)

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PPSSPP – PSP emulator Review: Play any Game on Device of Your Choice

PPSSPP is definitely the best PSP emulator for mobile devices with a solid performance providing a smooth and stable operation. Now, you can play PSP games on your mobile phone or tablet.

There are two variants of the plan: a free one and the PPSSPP Gold which is for those who are ready to pay and contribute to the development of the service.

What Does it Suggest?

PPSSPP stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. It is clear, this app will help you to play PSP games on your mobile device in high quality resolution.

The emulator is available free. It provides you with a high speed of playing and portability supporting multiple operating systems.

Here you are suggested to use the titles you can find online or your own PSP games converting them into .ISO or .CSO files. Please, mind that the quality of a playing process depends on the technical capabilities of your smartphone. If it is powerful enough, the games will run at full speed.


PPSSPP is very easy to use. It can boast of the best compatibility with almost all existing devices. At that, it runs games smoothly and without interruption showing the perfect performance. This is one of the best emulators for a PSP entertainment platform that comes with frequent updates. It contains some advertisement but if interruption of this kind annoys you, you can pay for an ad-free version.

Being a very efficient solution, the app has been taken as a basis by other developers trying to create their own software. Even if there are plenty of analogues on the market, we’d recommend to download PPSSPP, as far as it is full of merits. It works fine improving the quality of the titles.

For instance, it can even improve the quality of too blurry images which are quite possible due to a poor resolution typical of a small screen. You can use it to play any game from classics like GTA to indie titles without a hitch. Do it on the go and enjoy its smooth running!

For the Fans of:

  • PlayStation portable games;
  • Open source projects;
  • The best performance;
  • Diverse free options.

Download Game Ppsspp Android

Ppsspp For Android 4.4.2

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Open Space and Without any Charge

Ppsspp Android Apk

PPSSPP is licensed under the GPL 2.0 (and later). It comes for free but the developers suggest to contribute. The compatibility of the app is increasing, allowing you to play the diverse PSP games on mobile devices. Enjoy this perfect platform with its superb offering and smooth operation.

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