1. In this video, I show you how to edit Pokemon Moves, TMs, and Items in Pokemon FireRed.Edit: When Re-Naming the Move you are limited to 12 Characters in leng.
  2. In a Pokemon game, '22A' in hex is seen as 2A 02. For HGSS: it's always easier to hex edit the narc, so extract it like you've been doing. The HGSS rom actually has two identical lists of moves, but only the one located at a/0/1/1 does anything. Editing the other narc does nothing; it's just a holdover from DP - copied data.
  1. Shiny Pokemon Editor
  2. Pokemon Hack Move Editor Download

First, choose the move you want, and type it into the calculator. Make sure you use the first 3-digit number of each move down below in the DEC HEX MOVE list, and not the second 3-digit number. Next, hit Right Trigger. Now, go to your bag, and scroll down to TM 17 (protect), which will now be the move you want to teach to your Pokemon. Refurbished 2DS. Modded System come loaded with custom firmware. They can be updated and played online. Play games from any region, install custom software/games, use Pokemon Hacking Tools and more! View all Modded Systems. About all the items which are being sold in the PokeMarts there is a tool which can be used to recall all of them: GBA Item Editor. With a simple-designed interface for even a beginner can use, this tool can change the number – the name – the description – the special values of that item.

Complete Item Editor is a tool for hacking Pokemon third generation ROMs. Its sole purpose is to edit anything and everything about the items in the game.



Shiny Pokemon Editor

  • Edits all types of items
  • You can change the items; Name, Price, Description, Pocket, and the order Pokeballs are stored in the Ball Pocket.
  • Item IDs automatically generated sequentially.
  • Automatically repoints descriptions that are too large.
  • Displays description as it would appear in game (assuming it fits on screen)
  • You can change the items; Type, Usage Location, Field Effect, Battle Script, Value of effect, Hold effect, and the Attack held by a TM/TM.
  • If you are creating a new item, you can add a script for it to run when used from the bag.
  • You can turn any item into an Evolutionary Stone with one click (also make it unable to be an evolutionary stone)
  • You can change the location of the image if you have inserted a new one already.
  • You can manually edit the palette or repoint it if you have inserted a new one already.
  • Has lots of error checking to prevent you from making stupid mistakes.
  • Single clicking an item will keep you on the same page.
  • Double clicking an item will move you to the General page.
  • All fields have information displayed at the bottom. (so you know what its for)
  • All offsets can be eight characters or less. (you don’t have to put the 08 up front)

Supports BPRE, BPGE, AXVE, AXPE, BPEE and most hacks based on any of them it tables have not been repointed. Image options are unavailable for AXVE and AXPE because they don’t have item images.

UPDATE: Version 2.0: Lineage os rom for android nougat 7.1 1 download.

  • You can select which battle effect you want from a list instead of using offsets.
  • You can also select the field effect from a list.
  • Custom offsets are still an option(don’t worry).
  • Added a “More Usage” button under the Usage section.
  • You can now heal status effects, PP, HP, increase/decrease happiness, increase stats in battle, increase EVs, incease levels, and so much more…
  • Much Error correction to protect your ROM from silly mistakes.

ToDo List:

Pokemon Hack Move Editor Download

  • Display Item images.
  • Allow users to edit and save new images for their custom items.
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