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Step 1

Open the .msi file

Step 2

Follow the instructions while installing.

Step 3

Read the license agreement.

Step 4

Change installation options as desired and click on Next.

Step 5

Continue the installation.

Step 6


Choose whether you wish to buy and/or activate the software now, or later. Skip to step 8 if you have chosen to Activate Paragon HFS+ for Windows.

Step 7

After the installation it’s recommended to restart your computer.

Step 8

After restart, launch the program. The interface window will appear.

To activate the purchased license, press Activate… .

To purchase the license, press Buy… .

Hfs Windows 11 Serial Key Generator

Step 9

Enter your MyParagon credentials and choose the desired activation method. The suggested one is using online activation. Press Sign in.

If you don’t want to activate with MyParagon credentials, the license will be bound to GUID account. Press Activate Using Serial Number to perform this kind of activation. You can also activate the software offline, if your computer does not have internet access. Press Sign In (while being disconnected from Internet) to perform this kind of activation.

Step 10a (for online activation)

If you have selected Sign In, and entered valid e-mail address,the license information will be typed in automatically.

If you have selected Activate Without Login, type in the serial number manually.

Press Activate.

Step 10b (for offline activation)

Visit the activation page on computer with active internet connection. Then follow instructions to generate the license file.

Save the file (LicenseSet.xml) to your computer where you wish to activate the product. Press Select License File and select the downloaded file.

Press Open, then Activate.

Step 11

If the activation has completed successfully, the following message will be shown:

Enjoy our program.

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Our products distributes in two ways: box versions, that could be purchased in conventional retail stores and electronic deliveries that could be purchased in online stores. Product Key and Serial Number are required during product installation.

  • If you purchase box version of the product, you may find registration info on the registration sticker inside the box
  • If you purchase electronic delivery, you will receive registration info in e-mail from Paragon Software Group

Please note that you need to enter Product number in the first field (even if it called “User”) and Serial number in the second field. You don’t need to enter your name, e-mail, etc., only Product Key and Serial Number.

If you receive a message that incorrect data was entered, then please:

  • Try to copy and paste data from registration e-mail (if you purchased electronic delivery)
  • Check that you don’t copy extra spaces from registration e-mail
  • Check that hyphens (-) are entered correctly
  • Only 0 (zero) digit is used in Product and Serial numbers, letter O is not used (except for NTFS for Mac 14, Migrate OS to SSD 5, Backup & Recovery 16, HFS+ for Windows 11, ExtFS for Mac 10)

If you’ve purchased a bundle license and get “Invalid serial number” when trying to enter the serial,

Most likely you’re trying to enter the bundle key and serial. They are not designed to be used during product activation.

Make sure you’re entering the product key and serial number. Here’s how to find it in MyParagon portal page:

  1. Open Bound Products list
  2. Open the product list entry
  3. Use the Product key and Serial number specified there.

If the product does not accept the data anyway, please contact us. Please attach screenshot of the moment when data is entered and also please tell us your Product Key and Serial Number.

How to make a screenshot:

  1. Press PrtScr (Print Screen) key on the keyboard
  2. Run Paint editor: Start – Programs – Accessories – Paint
  3. Create new file and use Paste through right click menu
  4. Attach it to your request

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