Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 3 The Final Trap By: Haiku Games Co Haiku Games is back with another Adventure Escape game! This is the sequel to Trapmaker and Trapmaker 2 and is called Trapmaker 3 – The Final Trap. In the first game, we discovered that Frank Dietch is the Trapmaker! In the second.

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Frank's Adventure is a series of four games (plus a puzzle game/advertisement for Mausland not related to canon) originally created for Newgrounds by Mausland Entertainment which were particularly popular in the mid-2000s (the first game having over 8 million views on Newgrounds). The series revolves around the protagonist, Frank, trying to obtain photos for a magazine called Boobs Illustrated. Some of the ways of obtaining these pictures are easy, and some of them are less then conventional. You'll likely enter in hopes of seeing some skin and then getting distracted by the gambling, puzzles, and the infamous 'Super Ski' mini-game.

Franks Adventure 6 Game

Franks Adventure 4 Cheats

The game also features cameos of various Digimon characters (for some reason), and depictions of Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Wario as cocaine dealers. The game is also noteworthy for its soundtrack, which mixes J-pop with songs from smaller bands such as 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' by the Chemical Brothers (probably the most well-known of all the songs).

As the main games are NSFW, they aren't directly linked here; however, they can easily be found on Newgrounds. Play Frank's Panic Puzzlehere.


This work contains

  • Aliens Speaking English: The aliens in Frank's Adventure 3 for whatever reason are entirely fluent in English.
  • Author Avatar: Miesi, the Wausland creator of the game, pops up in a few of the games, usually to tease you about liking naked girls.
  • Backtracking: Game 4 will ask you to retrieve the name of a character from game 3. But of course, at this day and age you can just google it.
  • Bland-Name Product: 'WcDonald's' is also featured here in the second game.
    • Game 4 features the hamburger MicMac. Although former president Bill Clinton refers to it as a Big Mac. Whoops.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: To a minor level with the Digimon characters, who gratuitously use some PG-13 words that are actually quite out-of-character.
    • Donkey Kong gets one in, too.
    Donkey Kong: Dude, I fucking love bananas!
  • Continuity Nod: Every now and then, NPCs will be reused, and almost always ask you if you remember them from the previous games.
  • Cruelty Is the Only Option: While almost every reward comes from making people happy (by giving them gifts, drugs, or something they've lost), one of the missions in the fourth game involves inducing a boy to unwittingly kill his pet bunny, just so you can obtain its cage. (Also, there's that time you just poison some guy's garden)
    Boy: 'OMG the bunny doesn't look good. It stumbles, it groans with pain!! Dead. My bunny is dead!'
  • Excuse Plot: The porn company you work for is out of material. Go get them some more.
    • On game 3, you're helping TZ3-7 from the Planet Boobos in a utmost importance mission to provide their Ruler with 'nude pix' from Earth, since their planet is inhabited by 'tons of ugly chicks'.
  • Lighter and Softer: The mini puzzle game Frank's Panic Puzzle, which is rated E by Newgrounds and shows no signs of mature content.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Paris Milton, self-proclaimed the hottest person in the world, is certainly of no relation to Paris Hilton.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Among all of the animesque NPCs, game 3 features a real-life sailor woman, flashing her real-life breasts.
  • Police Are Useless: Game 2 has some cops around. They can do nothing to stop Donkey Kong, and the one standing along the firefighters outside a building on fire will ask you to 'enter that hell and save a virgin', 'if you're a hero'.
    Cop: 'Meh, you're truly a hero! I wish could be like you!' (sic)
  • Porn Parody: Played with in some of the brands: McBonald's, Hello Titty..
  • Porn with Plot: While technically not 'porn', considering how some people enter for the nudity and end up staying for the puzzles..
  • Shout-Out / The Cameo: Brian from Family Guy makes an odd appearance in the third game, talking about going on a vacation to get away from Quahog.
    • There's actually a ton of these. Wario, Spike Spiegel, and Betty appear as cocaine dealers. (for some reason) Pico from Newgrounds also puts in an appearance, as well as Donkey Kong.
  • Stealth Pun: Paris Milton (who goes on and on about being hot) will only consider 'hot' the flower arrangement of: pink, red, and orange. All of which are warm colors (unlike purple, green, and blue).
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Usually, most of the money you're able to obtain comes from selling the pics. Should you spend an accidental extra amount (on food or running shoes, for example) with no more pics to sell, then you'll have to restart.
    • In game 3, this is changed: you get no money for the pics; you're only able to get it by fishing. This makes things a little better, but the game can still become Unwinnable if you start to spend money before you buy the fishing rod and a usable bait.
    • Game 4 averts this in the Glamourville island: you can get an infinite amount of money by retrieving the baseballs that appear on every screen. The Weedsterdam island (your starting point) also provides a continuous source of money: delivering Titsbeer in sets of 5 for Titsbear. However, it can STILL become Unwinnable if you spend the money before you buy all of the beer you promised. The good news is: game 4 also adds a 'save game' point in each island.

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