I'm having a problem here and it's really aggravating me right now. I originally didn't have my system locale set to Japanese because the way my control panel was set up was a bit different from the tutorials and I got confused. When I finally figured it out, I switched it. I uninstalled Utau before I did this to make sure I didn't run into any issues. Well, that didn't work. When I went through all of the steps to reinstall Utau, it was in Japanese! I know for a fact that I installed the English version because I did it like 5 times! I could finally enter kana like I've been wanting to do, but I couldn't understand the interface at all anymore. I even tried changing the system locale back to English because I didn't have the problem before I changed it, but when I reinstall it, it's just the gibberish that's expected (still not the English version).
Can someone please help? It was one thing to not be able to use kana voicebanks. It's another thing to not be able to coordinate the software at all. I can't seem to find anyone else having this problem and I don't know how to fix it.
This is how my control panel differs.
This is how Utau now looks.
  1. Utau English Voicebank Download
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Utau English Voicebank Download

Mixed encoded UTAUloids. Language Capabilities. Single Language UTAUloids. Bilingual UTAUloids. Multilingual UTAUloids. Voicebank Features. Voicebank Appends. Triphone or VCV Voicebanks. IPA-based Voicebanks. To download UTAU, go utau2008.xrea.jp, and click on the first link under 'DOWNLOAD';the closer to the top of the list the newer it is―in this case, the newest version of utau is v0.4.18e. Installing UTAU. Uplay download for mac os x. Once UTAU has downloaded, be sure to unzip the.exe file and double click to begin installing. Follow the animation above and you're done.

Go to your search browser and search for utau-synth. (Or click Button above) 2. Click on utau-synth.com, or the first entry. Then click apon the 2nd button in blue, seen in the box. Scroll down and download the latest version of Utau-Synth in MacOsx. First, download Kasane Teto's Diphone-only (V-CV) Voicebank. Installing UTAU English Patch Download the Patch Here 1. Open the.rar file. Inside, there should be a folder called 'res' 2. Don't open the res folder, but rightclick on it, then select 'Extract to specified folder' 3. Many UTAU users have developed plugins for UTAU, and some are listed below. To install plugins, create a folder labeled plugins and simply extract them there. Lyric Diphonizer by 564 ImportVSQX by Tty Romaji to Hiragana UST Converter by 遊牧家族 The Best Things I Could Think of, etc. By bizz VCV Filename Converter (Romaji to Hiragana) by sabine10067.

This is where things can get tricky if you don't speak or understand any Japanese. Luckily, I'm here to help you through this part.

Utau Wiki 2.0

To begin, you can find the program here. You're going to want to click on the link that says 'v0.(whatever the latest version number is) zipアーカイブ'This will launch a zipped file which you will unzip to your desired location on your computer.
Now, this should be a fully operational version of UTAU, but it will appear in Japanese. In order for you to get the translated version, you will need to install the English patchwhich can be found here. Odds are the program won't already have a res folder, so withinthe utau(whatever the version number is) (ex. utau0276) folder, create a new folder, and name it 'res'. Then unzip the provided file right into that folder.
Tada! Now you should have a fully functional version of English UTAU! Just double click the exe file and it should be ready to go!
How to download utau english

Utauloid Voicebank Download English

Now, on a side note, I found that if I pulled the UTAU icon out of the folder and tried to launch it, it would run in Japanese. This is because it needs to stay in the folder WITH the translated coding. In order to launch the program in English, you will either need to keep the icon inside the folder, and launch it from there, or you can do what I did and drag the icon down to your dock. (I'm using Windows 7, this may not work for other types) This allows me to have the icon within easy reach at all times, but it still keeps the actual exe file INSIDE of the folder with the translations, therefor allowing the program to run in English.

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