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The game has some simple level sports cars, simple and atmospheric, not extravagant, but great. The law should follow the snapshot and rank so that more than anything, I was satisfied with the expected value of the NFS because right I demanded so much. Not to be, but I'm sure chasing an ideal visual experience can be demanding for players. In my mind, NFS is better than any match racing.
Details can reflect the opinions of people around the City Games, the shiny real body clear. During the game, the vehicle can be damaged. If the vehicle is damaged, the screen is very detailed. The rich game scene, city, park, mountain, beach, factories with really beautiful scenery, detailed texture of a place.
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The details are rich around the street, but it is often difficult to tell the speed of loneliness. The excellent effect in the spark of the vehicle burst, it can be simulated as the big picture lights and shadow effects of the performance progress. When done out of the tunnel, so that you have a real-time reflection of the shelter lighting effects through, you can see the light-blind sun.
The effect of rainfall is delicate and has a reflection effect. Many details change the weather at the same time, the screen with splash fly, you see when the tree petals through driving, Chaos newspaper from various sidewalks and street mailboxes and many more fall accident flowers. There is no anti-aliasing option in the game settings, but the jagged effect of the whole picture is not clear.
Although it also did not interfere with the car entertainment game sound production team game. Each car, if more stable throttle does not work, can be released half base motor noise varies very differently according to such throttle throttling the engine noise has a unique engine noise at different degrees when fountains at the same time and at many.
When colliding with moving cars, the big impact, if it is hit, make a very realistic sound effect fence with a series of noise, street lighting or iron.
The wanted target is the police desire among the police, but also some important information to include in the dialogue, even if you have to follow one colour at a time, hunting for vehicle models and colours, etc. Police vehicle colour corrections and many more,
Of course, to take the game out of the best one says to make good feeling unnecessarily easy, I recommend using the handle for the game. Handle games support different environments to respond to different vibrations so on the other hand now players can remember the conditions of the vehicle, the better.
To take a dubious position for a racing game, the game is extremely important for the operation of many vehicles. Smooth rotation of the vehicle severely affects the head of the body while the elegant braking effect the flexible response and the elegant effect HandBrake does not obliquely make the body clear and smooth.
Extremely poor vehicle handling speed is almost completely out of control. But after making a few adjustments, but the long skid on the high-speed type too.
The game is a design, very aggressive no matter what the game is, computer opponents are fierce to top players with terrible donkeys stuck to cricket and even more common. At the same time, because we have set up the police, the game followed the situation, then the game will be integrated into the spoiler.
Police car design, even aggressive when you want to easily reach the finish line, or get the courier extremely fast at the top or hidden obedient to the end, but simple, most games have not already been achieved, plus the track will understand, the future major Take the role.
The game can often be repeated, like a part of the way players, but unfortunately, it was awarded the first prize of these modified car parts you get the position.
If the player's NPC vehicles, police cars, obstacles, walls drive or everything should be destroyed, the game dense car accident which then gives the player's automobile, the race conditions were independently reset player car (during competition),
The events of the game are more or less the same because run in a circle and tease the police. The game track design is not located in the city crew marked enough restrictions between the checkpoints, the streets are the most extensive, and sometimes mistakenly open the wrong way.
Seventy-eight car trivia, the perfect refresh race! Police and the East, to the extent cancelled, still wanted the hunting point to hide, use it to avoid running around, and had been damaged in cold, while the appearance of the vehicle can be reduced to post level.
The design of the vehicle is due to the extra rigidity, significant, sometimes, or even most of the time, the average vehicle crashed by moving police car-car roadblock results.- ApkMix.coM
Players should have the opportunity to manipulate the competition with these ten enemies constantly tease police only constant contests or police. Previously, the live-action film was animated, that astonishingly disappeared completely this year. Instead, the game was played before every game is called a complete Hancock, but it does not know what the animation and the meaning of every game.
Overall, it is always good quality. But still, if you are a racing game lover, this still can not be found in the real work driver's seat, the steering wheel catches, the motor racing is roaring.

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