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Posts: 81 Threads: 4. Joined: Feb 2011. (, 08:24 PM)mercbits1 Wrote: Here we have W204 telematics update CD MB part number A204-827 85 59. If anyone needs any of the following telematic updates leave your request here and I will upload to Rapidshare.

Mercedes W204 Engine

Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Training Manual / Telematics / Antennas

A so-called multifunction antenna is located in the rear section of the vehicleroof.

The following antennas can be found here, depending on the vehicleequipment:

  • Telephone (GSM)
  • Navigation (GPS)
  • Digital radio (DAB) only UK
  • Satellite radio (SDAR) only USA


A28/11 Multifunction antenna

The Bluetooth antennas for the head unit (installed in all head units) arelocated in the overhead control panel. A further Bluetooth antenna in installedin the connector for the portable CTEL cradle for comfort telephony (see thechapter on telephones).

The AM/FM radio antennas and receiving antenna for central locking arelocated in the rear window again and are contacted via the two A2/18 andA2/19 antenna modules.

N70 Overhead control panel
A2/91 Bluetooth antenna

A2/18 FM, AM and CL antennaamplifier
A2/19 FM antenna amplifier

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