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  2. Boonie Tunes Vol 1 Free Download Torrent 2019

Back with a new sample review for you, this time it’s a collection of royalty free samples from Maschine Masters.

Let’s dig in!

Download for FREE ★★★ Contains 20 original loops by Kyle Stemberger Created with authentic vintage instruments and hardware effects along with a mixture of analog and digital synthesizers. IF one of these samples ★★★ mp3 track in high quality ☊ Only fresh music updates on techdeephouse.net. Boonie Mayfield Boonie Tunes Vol 1.

So what is Boonie Tunes Vol. 1?

This is a collection of over 50 sample/loops in various styles created from the sessions and ideas of Boonie Mayfield aka Boon Doc

He pulled sketches, ideas, and loops from his own sessions that weren’t being used, covering everything from jazzy and soulful to cinematic and psychedelic.

You get the tempo within the sample name so you have an idea of where to start.

Basically it’s a buffet for producers that love to chop and slice without having to worry about paying royalties or sample clearance.

Quick Specs

  • content: 50+ samples
  • format: WAV
  • price: $29.99
  • product page:http://maschinemasters.com/product/boonie-tunes-vol-1/

How does it sound?

I’ve been a fan of Boonie for a long time, one of the first dudes I used to watch make beats on YouTube, him and F Major aka Justin Myracks.

I also enjoyed his transition from strictly boom bap into a full fledged musician, playing out the music he used to look to for samples.

What I dig about this collection is how diverse it is, covering all the styles that Boonie is known for.

You have plenty of sample to work with thanks to the length of the loops, but they aren’t just basic ideas, these are actually song starters, musings, and other creative pieces that were never completed.

I think they sound really good, original, and most of all they spark inspiration.

So what’s the bottom line?

I really dig products like this, it gives those of us that like to mess around with chopping samples and safe and legal way to do so if you don’t want to worry about chasing down and clearing samples.

Overall I give this volume of Boonie Tunes 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s diverse enough to keep you busy, and original enough to spark plenty of ideas.


If I had any suggestions I would say going forward some of the samples could have used a better mix, I found a few where the synth part really jumped out from the rest of the sounds. Not too many though, and that could have been the idea of the sample.

There were maybe one or two that were so good I wish they were longer, just to see where he would take them, but hey, that’s where chopping and getting creative comes in.

This is definitely something to checkout for the sample heads out there, Boonie most definitely has his own style and it’s on full display here.

Go on over and grab a copy http://maschinemasters.com/product/boonie-tunes-vol-1/

Let me know what you think about it!


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Boonie Tunes Vol 1 Free Download Torrent Full


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1. Madlock (Kuadrant Elektro Mix)
2. So up, so Deep (K of Kokko Mix)
3. How High (Electro Mind Mix)
4. Mosquito (Hz Mix)
5. Tik Tak Tok (Hypnotik Mix)
6. Progression (Mack 5 Mix)
7. Distorted Frequency (Minimal Frequency Mix)
8. Magic Flute (D Troit Mix)
9. Danza Conmigo
10. Faster (Life on Moon Mix)
11. Flop (Minus 40 Mix)
12. Travieso
13. RingRing (Hypno Mix)
14. Car Night (Minimal Groove Mix)
15. Music (Deejay Sonoric Mix)
16. The Hardest (Tech House Mix)
17. Here We Go (Fashion Dream Mix)
18. Ring My Bell (Progression Mix)
19. Rub the Bub (Minimal Avenue Mix)
20. 6 Feet Under (Alienized Mix)
21. Ambo (Tron Mix)
22. Rumble (Minimal Lovers Mix)
23. Night with the M (Minimal Mix)
24. Point of View (Contact Mind Mix)
25. Actually (Reversed Mix)
26. Crazy Sheet (Mini Mix)
27. Brasileo (Minimal Concentration Mix)
28. Atmosphere (Jaguar Mix)
29. Fly Is Possible (Neutron 8000 Mix)
30. Sunrise (At Sunrise Minimal Mix)
31. Loophole (Minimal Zuu Mix)
32. Rookie (Minimal Action Mix)
33. E-Lastic (Saturn Mix)
34. A-Stranger (Ufoid Mix)
35. Take Is Easy (God Is Minimal Mix)
36. Slam Bass (Lunar Mix)
37. Run Motherf.Ker (X Ray Minimal Mix)
38. Let's Go (John Titor Futured Mix)
39. Happiness (Elektro Monkey Mix)
40. Waroscopy (Minimal Mix)
41. Dirrty (Ultrasonic Mix)
42. The Darkest (Minimal Movement Mix)
43. Dy-Nasty (Mr. Yo Yo Mix)
44. Double Trouble (Satellite Mix)
45. Not Important (Fashion Mix)
46. Linebacker (Hypnotik Mix)
47. Heavy Hit (Monkey Groove Mix)
48. Why (Masters of the Universe Mix)
49. Take da Drug (Minimal Mix)
50. Little Middle (San Jiller Contact Mix)
51. Take Me Away (Captured Mix)
52. Rock It (Jupiter Mix)
53. Fantasy (Spiral Mix)
54. Snake (The Snake Mix)
55. Digital Signal (Doctor Elektro Mix)
56. I Feel (Complement Mix)
57. Hugged (Minimal Room Mix)
58. Noise Narcos (Minimal House Mix)
59. Gain a Gain (Minimal Art Mix)
60. Woodpecker (Rawers Mix)
61. Hands Up (Tech House Mix)
62. A-Tonal (Tonikal Mix)
63. Hollow (Quantic Mix)
64. Exit (Diskoo Toondo Mix)
65. Bass-a-Round (Horiyon Mix)
66. Voice Is Up (Future Mix)
67. Froggy Time (Natural and Minimal Mix)
68. Stress in the Morning (Elekro Apes Mix)
69. Like Benny (Blak Jag Mix)
70. Tortuga (House Groove Mix)
71. So Sample (Minimal Monkey Mix)
72. Smoking Room
73. Run It (Onda Mind Mix)
74. Can't Beat Me (Minimal Dream Mix)
75. Elektroid (Elektroid Elektro Mix)
76. Hypnotize (Mental Mix)
77. Yoga Time (Waves Hypno Mix)
78. Flip Me Out (Gee Bond Mix)
79. North Trip
80. Duck (5th Night Mix)
81. Free Fuzz (K Scopic Mix)
82. Flat John (Undertown Minimal Mix)
83. Ride On (Styled Mix)
84. Bang You Head (Elektro Elements Mix)
85. Brasil (Consequential Mix)
86. Be Crazy (Vertical Mix)
87. Pleasure (High Pressure Mix)
88. Twoo Timer (Minimal Plastic Mix)
89. The Shot (Super Brain Mix)
90. Bounce on It (Minimal Milf Mix)
91. Dance of Fate (3 Am Mix)
92. My Mind (Techno Apes Mix)
93. Drop on Me (Nanotube Mix)
94. You Do (Virtual Progression Mix)
95. Underground (Minimal Mix)
96. Don't Think (Minimal Flash Mix)
97. Deep Impact (Filtered Mix)
98. I Don't Care (J Minimal Mix)
99. Goofy (Lucian Kup Mix)
100. Too Minimal (The Electro Mix)

Boonie Tunes Vol 1 Free Download Torrent 2019


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