Apps for Productivity. Master time with the best apps for improving productivity. Find a better calendar app, tick off to-do lists, take notes, manage your contacts, take charge of your personal. A video to help those like me who cant seem to be able to write in arabic on mac is the link for the google docs:

Reverse text generator used to reverse words, spell, letters and sentences. It's actually a backwards text generator tool.

For those of you asking, 'Whyexactly would I want to reverse text???', please read below:

At somepoint in your life, you may find that you have too much time on your hands. 9 out of 10 leading experts agree that reversing text is a proven way to waste time.
Your name, when spelled in reverse, may be something funny or cool (e.g. liam reversed spells mail). Avoid the surprise of getting embarrassed at some point in the future by finding out now.Translate it using our backwards text generator.
Confuse your boss by sending him an email about the project you are working on completely in reverse. When he calls and asks what the problem with your email is, tell him that he must be having computer problems. Make sure to test it with an online notepad before you send it.
Try to find a word, or combination of words, that when reversed spell something funny or strange (e.g., 'knits i', 'god a ward', 'bats', 'desserts', 'and', 'live', 'evian' and 'star'). If you find another one, send it to us and we'll post it here.
Try to find words that are exactly the same whenreversed. For example, 'racecar' when reversed is also 'racecar'. The same is true with the following phrases and names:
- was it a car or a cat i saw
- able was i ere i saw elba
- a man aplan a canal panama
- may a moody baby doom a yam
- never odd or even
- 'Rats gnash teeth,' sang Star
- madamI'm Adam
- gohang a salami im a lasagna hog
- rats live on no evil star
- deny a pioneer free beer? free? no i pay ned
- sun, ever a rose so rare - venus
- no i no onion
- mr owl ate my metal worm
- Names like 'Bob', 'Anna' and 'Hannah'.
- a nut for a jar of tuna
- do geese see god?
Thanks to utilities-online for suggesting these lines :)
Save time by taking Hebrew textthat was keyed right-to-left and convert it to a right-to-left format.
If you play chess and use the FENnotation to describe the placement of pieces on a chessboard, you can reversethe FEN string and to see how the board looks from the other player'sperspective.

If you have a list ofemail addresses that you want to sort by domain name, you can reverse the entirelist, sort them and then reverse them back so that they are readable.

Doingmolecular biology work and need to arrange DNA sequences? Have both strandswritten in 5'-3' order and need to reverse one? Then look no further!

You'll have to reversethis one to decipher it.. resrever txet siht htiw deifsitas %001 t'nera uoy fieetnaraug kcab yenom a reffo eW

If you find or know of others, send them to us and we'll post them here.
Some other useful text related tools are:
AI Paraphrasing tool by prepostseo

Enables you to process and edit Arabic text which can then be converter or imported to other applications that cannot work with this type of text strings

Arabic Genie Pro is a powerful and versatile word processor that makes it easy for you to import Arabic text and convert it to various fonts supported by most Mac applications.

Enables you to use Arabic text in a wide variety of Mac applications

Thanks to Arabic Genie Pro you can use Arabic text in almost any application that does not come with support for the Arabic language by default.

Consequently, you can use Arabic txt in applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, QuarkXPress and other similar applications.

Quickly convert Arabic text and enable the Middle Eastern languages in Adobe Illustrator

Arabic Text Reverser For Mac Free

Moreover, enables you to use different Arabic font types that cover most popular Unicode and non Unicode fonts, including AXT, AF, ACS, MCS, FS and more. The support for most popular Arabic fonts along with Arabic Genie’s powerful conversion engine, allow you to convert Arabic documents and use them in various applications that do not provide support for text in this language.

Arabic Genie Pro comes with a user-oriented interface that enables you to type and edit Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu and other Middle Eastern languages. The bottom toolbar helps you enable Middle Eastern languages in Adobe Illustrator, summon the keyboard assistant, access the Preferences window and import text from text-based files.

Choose the preferred output format and quickly export the text

On top of that, you can instantly switch between the default keyboard input to the Arabic input and change the output format via the “Format” drop-down menu. By accessing the Preferences window, you can change the keyboard layout along with the default font, alignment, size and number mode settings.

In addition, you can change the default export settings, enable the number conversion feature and apply ligature.

Arabic Text Reverser For Mac

To conclude, Arabic Genie is a reliable Mac OS X application that helps you use Arabic text in applications that do not provide support for such language by default.

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Arabic Genie Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
  • The export feature is limited to exporting one word at a time in the demo version.
New in Arabic Genie Pro 5.2.1:
  • Some bug fixes in Export Mode
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Arabic Genie Pro 6.0.6

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